Players, Coaches, Manager, Parents & Spectators

Following a recent incident we would like to remind all Coaches, Managers, Players and Spectators of the Camden Tigers FC policy regarding referees and/or Lines persons:

  • Referees and Lines Persons are appointed to officiate games by Macarthur District Football Referees Association. Camden Tigers FC have no input into this.
  • Referees and Lines Persons in a lot of cases are Children under the age of 18 years.
  • Referees and Lines Persons are trained by MDFRA in the rules that govern the game. However it is common sense that they actually learn whilst actively officiating the game.
  • Referees and Lines Persons under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are to be abused, bullied, sworn at, threatened or approached by any Player, Coach, Manager, Parent or Spectator.
  • Any conduct of this nature would be in breach of the Codes of Conduct that govern the Macarthur District Football Association (MFA) Competition.
  • Codes of Conduct are displayed on the MFA website and currently on The Camden Tigers phone App.
  • Camden Tigers FC have a Zero Tolerance Policy in regard to ‘conduct unbecoming’ that is targeted toward any referee and/or lines person.
  • MFA have a Zero Tolerance policy for any incident reported that is in breach of codes of conduct and directly targeted toward Referees and/or Lines Persons
  • If any person is found guilty of inappropriate conduct towards Referees and Lines Persons they will face harsh penalties by both Camden Tigers FC and the MFA. This may include but not limited to Suspension and/or Imposed Bans.